August 26, 2009


Toby and I are in Chicago visiting the family, and I don't really want to leave. It all just fits so easily.

August 14, 2009

Friday: the non-day-off day off.

My day, thus far, in pictures:

When I woke up this morning, I found this scene in the bathroom, and I have to admit I felt a wee bit of concern.

In his attempt to set up a small garage sale early this morning, my husband had smacked his baby toe on a metal bed frame.

He mostly ran the sale himself. I just babysat it when he changed his gauze and poured another cup of coffee.

Check out the bees!
They're responsible for the following: a summer's worth of raspberry jam.

A week's worth of zucchini bread. I know. Just a week. That plant is a beast.

An hour's worth of packing. Heaven knows I love my books, but good grief do they weigh a lot.

...packing because, that is, my darling husband got himself accepted into a Phd. program in Hamilton, Ontario, CANADA... for this fall, if that's not enough tsunami change for ya. It's certainly enough for me. I'll be ping-ponging between time zones for the next eight weeks, but the stuff goes next week. And my LANTA for only three years of marriage, we certainly have accumulated some stuff.

August 13, 2009

having a 'big picture' moment...

This observation may be obvious and a touch stupid, but the simple presence of Facebook is really going to change how we keep in touch with the people we meet throughout our lives. Our impending move is triggering all sorts of reflections for me, but I find it so interesting that my generation was first on the Facebook bandwagon when it was only a college social network, and as we move on, those ties and connections that would normally (and naturally) fade will probably stay in place... although via the most passive venue of relationship/community possible.

The people my parents knew during their childhoods, high school years, and college years have mostly stayed in those time compartments except for the closest of friends; but I can see pictures of weddings I never would have known even occurred, and babies I wouldn't have known existed, if it weren't for the internet. It's a log of every (well, almost every) soul I've had more than two conversations with, and as my life creeps on, it'll be so interesting to follow all those souls too, no matter where on the planet they happen to reside.

August 4, 2009

child of the 80's

There were a lot of fads and cultural highlights of the 80's that I missed.

I was never devoted to a member of New Kids on the Block. I watched maybe three episodes of Saved By The Bell. I didn't see Labyrinth or The Sandlot until college. I'm pretty sure I never wore a side ponytail on purpose, or a sweatshirt hanging off one shoulder with a bright leotard underneath.

But, thanks to my geek of a father, I definitely saw TRON. Many times. And I'll probably watch the new one with him too. (Even now, in a game of SceneIt I am fully dependable in the area of 80's science fiction.)