October 6, 2008

Personal reasons

why fall is superior to every other season:

I can step out the door without instantly sweating.

The dog gets more exercise because we can both step outside without instantly sweating.

Sleeping weather.

Scents: pumpkin anything, apple spice whatever, bonfires, dying leaves (the only dying thing that doesn't smell like it's decomposing), the first whiff of snow at night (yes it DOES have a smell), stew, soup, tea, bread baking, anything baking.

I can climb into my car without baking.

Attire: sweaters, scarves, cute-although-impractical jackets, flats (which can be worn without puddles of foot sweat), boots, and hats.

That one day we get an extra hour of sleep.

TV shows that aren't all reality shows are back.

The advent of a slew of holidays.

School supplies, regardless of whether I am personally in school or not.

...this year we have had quite the lingering-last-guest, overstaying-his-welcome Indian Summer, but after a couple of days of relief nearly a week into October, I think it's safe to say we will have our smidge of autumn, however brief.

(song of the season: Re: Stacks by Bon Iver)

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  1. it smelled like snow Saturday morning when I left for work at 7:30 and it was only 35 degrees out. 35. I love it. And the trees are finally starting to change here. Just beautiful and wonderful :) glad things are well with you!