November 5, 2008

a mere observation

After watching several months' worth of political media coverage, it's incredible to me just how many people seem to invest their money, time, hearts, and souls in a political figure. Any political figure. In a time where "religion" is deemed archaic and outdated, there is little left to place all one's hope in besides a politician, and sometimes that politician becomes a religion. This is heartbreaking to me- I can't imagine focusing all my hopes and dreams on a fallible human being who claims he or she meet all your expectations, but cannot be depended on to actually do so. Jesus is my only hope. Life is so bleak otherwise, and no politician, government, nonprofit organization, rock star, or celebrity is going to save us.

In a similar vein: have you ever been to a concert that feels something akin to a worship service? When a group of people who all love a band or an artist come together to just enjoy the experience, that mass of individuals can so easily become one entity. Concerts like that are mostly emotional, but sometimes spiritual, while worship should ideally be always spiritual, regardless of one's personal emotion. Often, it seems, the emotional and the spiritual blend and separate, and spring up in unexpected places. Does that make sense?

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  1. i do listen to beirut. i love "postcards from italy." some of their songs blur together for me with that oom-ba-ba waltz.

    also, jeff tweedy makes some similar comparisons to concerts and church on his "sunken treasure" dvd. bryan probably has it but if not, you should put it on your netflix.