December 17, 2008

the joy that is reality television

The husband and I thought 'Law & Order' was on tv last night, but we were wrong- it was the premiere of 'Momma's Boy' instead. The premise is pretty plain: three attractive, mother-smothered young men get to choose from a pack of 30 women- but the whole time, their mothers live with all the women and constantly have their hands in the process. The first 40 minutes played out like 'The Bachelor', except with three young men instead of one, and noticeably younger and overly emotional women. And then, AND THEN, this gem of a mom surfaced:

This is, at the same time, ridiculous and brilliant. Just in case we get bored of watching one man form relationships with multiple women, we can turn to the other two and THEIR multiple relationships. And if THAT'S not enough, there's always Mrs. B and her outspoken, obnoxious wackness. It's like watching a train wreck! I want to look away, and I probably should, but I just can't tear my eyes off the scene!

p.s. This combines two of my favorite things. I have no shame in loving this kind of tv.

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