January 15, 2009

who's been sleeping in MY BED?

When something unpredictable and discouraging happens to my husband, I have a gut reaction and probably a more appropriate reaction. As a wife I know the best plan would probably to be empathetic, but also as positive and affirming as possible. But also as a wife, as a friend said, the "mama bear" rolls out in a protective rage and wants to smack a few of the people who set certain events in motion. I can't help getting mad, even when there's really no malicious villain (how the hell do you spell villain??) to resent, and the whole thing is a result of unforeseen events & circumstances. I've got to direct the anger somewhere, though, until it simmers down a little. So friends, if I voice any thoughts that come across as unfair or mean-spirited, know that it's Mama Bear talking, not me.

1 comment:

  1. If this is any way related to pastor's wifery, I TOTALLY GET YOU. And three cheers for laying the smack down!