July 29, 2009

garden update

Well, two weeks have gone by and the squash monster is growing.

Squash on the left, tomatoes on the right. I was worried about them, but I think they'll pull through.

Somewhere behind the squash: spinach, green beans, & carrots.

And the basil is nestled in there somewhere... hopefully the sun will keep after it.

First round of green beans!

And, this is what happens when I am gone for a weekend and leave one in the oven too long. The arm is for scale.

Every time I step out the front door, I feel a touch like Dorothy opening the door of her tornado-tossed house into a technicolor garden. And the biggest sunflowers haven't even bloomed yet.

Up next: camping with the Brady Bunch!


  1. You truly have a green thumb! What I wouldn't give for a garden like that!! :)

  2. Holy crap. And now I'd like to come over and steal all of your basil and zucchini. Sound good?