September 18, 2008

against my better judgment

So, even mentioning politics is probably a bad idea since I have yet to make up my mind on who I'm going to vote for and therefore am not going to passionately defend either side. But I do have to say that I have a huge problem with this. Not so much with the actual production and sale of the product, but with the sponsors of the event where it showed up. It was available at the Values Voter Summit, co-sponsored by American Values and Focus on the Family.

I'm not going to argue with political satire or freedom of speech, but as a Christian, this offends me. What is a Christian organization doing backing up racist material? This article states that "summit organizers were told the boxes were a parody of Obama's policy positions but had not examined them closely." Are you kidding me? What do Aunt Jemima and an implied Islamic turban have to do with policy positions? The general "waffle" idea is funny, but I think crassly executed. Organizers did remove the product partway through the summit, so at least it didn't go ignored.

On a related note, it sooms that roughly half the commercials in Colorado these days are for local politicians- or screamingly anti-politicians. It's obnoxious. November can't come fast enough.

p.s. Bryan's tattoo is from Isaiah 6:8- it says 'here I am, send me'.

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  1. here here. can we just skip to december? that way we can skip the vote altogether, and miss all the dramatic "i'm moving to cananda because ______ is president!!" bla bla whinity whine whine.