September 7, 2008


Well, here we are.

I hesitate to call my first blog a "blog," because it really was a convenient alternative to mass e-mails to loved ones while I was studying in London for a semester. When I came back, it still served as a way to update those I loved who lived far away. For some mysterious reason, the format has lost a bit of its luster and activity and relevance. I don't know if that is because of trends (xanga isn't trendy and current...?), or because the audience I write/wrote for shifted- probably both.

I find myself really put off by the idea of blogs, because they seem to break down into two categories: 1) ME ME ME WAH WAH BLAH ME MY LIFE DRAMA ME, and 2) a specific area of interest or expertise.

But, of course, many (maybe most) blogs do not fall neatly into one or the other. The ones that I read, and read faithfully, even if the writer is a stranger, are the ones that are written wittily and skillfully, almost regardless of the subject matter. See: That woman can write about motherhood, and nothing but, and still be insightful and hilarious.

I also appreciate blogs that draw my attention to material on the internet I never would have found on my own. Or really, just inform me in general. Otherwise, I like to hear about what my close friends (who live far away) are up to.

So, here is the problem: I have no area of expertise, therefore if I start a blog it will inevitably be a MEMEMEME blog. All I can hope for is an opportunity to work on my writing daily or regularly (MEMEME), share small details and huge events of my life for those long-distance loved ones (MEMEME), and spread some thoughts and discoveries about this huge and crazy world we live in (hopefully not always about me).

This is a venture for me, so we'll see how it goes.


  1. Aw, I always find you interesting an relevant online :) Don't knock the MEMEME blog too much - that is all I have ever intended for mine to be (I hope it doesn't drive you nuts, it has never even occurred to me that it was a bad thing!)...

  2. Hello, it's MEMEMEMEMEME.

    I'm very excited about your new endeavor.

    Do you use Google Reader? You should.