February 4, 2009

for the love of LOST

...if you've never seen it, and you try to jump in now, I don't blame you if you hate it. I would too. You simply have to watch it from episode 1, season 1. There is no other way. And for me, I love the back stories and I love growing attached to the characters and becoming invested in them as time goes on. The show has its lulls and pitfalls, but it always manages to rally and redeem itself shortly thereafter. I used to weep about every other episode, and I haven't done that in about a season and a half- but I'm holding out hope for the future. If I started watching the show today, I would be done after about 32 minutes. So, I identify with Evangeline Lilly so much in this clip! (just the first clip. don't watch the remaining 10 minutes. very un-funny.)

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