February 9, 2009


this mild winter (I know, the only place having a mild winter this year) has been good to Toby's paws and on our nonexistent vet bills.

we got to spend an all-too-short weekend in Fairplay with some marvelous people.

we played a lot of poker... and a lot of mafia.

some of us flew planes and crashed them.

some of us even went and got engaged!

this is my lovely sister-in-law and her fiance... at a murder mystery party. (why we like to play so many death-related games, I couldn't tell you.)

(he's wearing his "weekend breakdancing" clothes.)

and in order to fully participate in said murder mystery party, my husband's facial hair started out like this:

...and went to this:

...and the moustache didn't last longer than 24 hours. I wouldn't have it. He's now down to just the soul patch and some scruff.

and there you have it.

the last two weeks have called for a lot of picture-taking, for some reason... don't get used to it.

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