March 25, 2009

if you find yourself in Estes Park

too late for snow and too early for summer sun, then check out the Stanley Hotel (over 100 years old and the inspiration for Stephen King's The Shining)

check out the wandering (and not shy) elk,

and maybe some deer taking a nap in someone's back yard,
then try to take a stroll through town, lose all feeling in your extremeties because of the chilly wind, stop for some coffee (no visuals, sorry), and find somewhere cozy for dinner.
this is good.

find our dollar bill stapled to the wall in the bar-

only one of 16,000. good luck.

drive back home.

the end.


  1. I've been there!!!!! I can completely imagine your trip. I loved the hotel.

  2. do i get a high-five for finding your dollar in the second picture? Not that I sat here and looked until I found it.... ...