December 25, 2009

some highlights (part one)

Well, Christmas outside has been dismal (alternating rain and wind) but Christmas inside has been merry and cozy. We went to a Christmas Eve service together, followed by appetizers, dinner, and Beatles Rock Band hour.

Christmas Day unfolded something like this.

(that is a Bodywrap Blanket, NOT to be confused with a Snuggie. And it is amazing.)

Toby is always subjected to this.

...Mary's box-o'-Riesling gift.

And, the various costume changes of Coconut.

Merry merry and holly jolly!


  1. is coconut a whoopie cushion in the first picture?

    and i am jealous of your snuggie. er... i mean body blanket.

  2. Now that is a well-sweatered dog. And I am intrigued with this body-wrap contraption!! More info, PLEASE! STAT! STAT MEANS NOW!

  3. 1. Laur, Coco is wearing a pink doggy snuggie in the first picture. It's hilarious.
    2. Manda, the bodywrap thing is a throw blanket, fuzzy on one side, and has a lot of confusing zippers and snaps to get it into the monk/sleeping bag shape. Walking in it is a slow process. I think mom-in-law got it at Macy's...? Maybe JC Penney?