December 29, 2009

Christmas, phase 2

Phase two has been just as cozy + snow! + flannel.

The afternoon/evening we arrived, it snowed fat, light flakes the whole time.

Hermit in the library

This tree is elevenish feet tall.

Blazer boys

Last night, we initiated what will evolve into an annual pub crawl. Stop #1: thumbs up.

"What was your 7th grade science project?"

"Whether cats are right-handed or left-handed." (Not a joke.)

Stop #2: not as favorite. But probably better in the summer.

Taking over the dive bar jukebox with Radiohead, Nickel Creek and Keane. We were not their favorites, either.

Stop #3: We added a few more participants and had fish & chips, as well as a few onion bricks. Not rings, not strings; BRICKS of greasy goodness. But I forgot to get a picture. You can see the remnants below.

(They're having more fun than their faces look.)

Next up... celebrating the END of this year and the start of a fresh one!

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  1. I love, love, LOVE the picture of Toby with the ribbon accessories below.