February 9, 2010

the appeal of the thrift

I just found this blog this morning (thanks to Mama Loan!) and I can already tell it's going to become a favorite of mine. Thrifting is an ecological, frugal answer to the horrible world of retail, (not to mention an awesome treasure hunt) and the mindset just makes so much sense to me.

For people whose skin starts crawling at the idea of buying used stuff, browse through this blog a little and maybe you'll reconsider. I know I have, more than once, bought something at a huge chain retailer that had been used, NOT cleaned, returned, and thrown right back on the shelf at regular price... in other words, NOT NEW. Thrift stores demand more time and flexibility, but the payoff can be so, so sweet.


  1. Oh to have the time to browse stores. Full price or thrift or ANYTHING. SIGH.

  2. I LOVE resale shops. Too bad I'm off 'em for a year. (Shopping resale is just as bad as shopping retail when you don't really need the stuff you buy.)