February 1, 2010


Besides losing my mind doing horrid job searches through the Black Hole known as The Internet, I have been reading, walking Toby, knitting, cooking, skypeing(which is hilarious) and getting excited about the last season of LOST. I'm also pre-mourning the last season of LOST, but mostly excited. Grieving comes later.

Thanks to some gorgeous purchases made possible by Santa in the form of my thoughtful family members, this is my most recent project:

I used every last scrap of that chunky baby Alpaca wool, and it was the perfect amount for this shrug + a small headband. So soft! That lower hem is a little loose, but I can live with it.
I don't know why I always choose the bathroom as my backdrop.
I like this stitching that separates the sleeves. (This was the pattern I used, and it's repeated and altered all over Ravelry.) I would love to keep knitting just for me, but that's just not an option with all the babies due to arrive this year. Not to ME, but to plenty of other people I love. Hopefully projects for little people will fall off the needles a little faster cause they're smaller.

Just in case you're worried I've aged 50 years since you last saw me, what with all the knitting and reading, here's some evidence that I am actually 10 years old: literally a week ago I skinned my knee. Big time. I was walking Toby in the morning, hit a hidden patch of ice and catapulted myself forward. I will spare you a photo full of juicy scabs and green-and-purple bruises, but the knee is still so stiff that when I bend over or try to sit on the floor, I have to execute a bowling stance. Something like this:And I look about that graceful doing it. Plus lots of sound effects. Minus the shoes.

That is all I have to report. What does that tell you about the level of excitement and activity around here?


  1. I wish I were as cool as you.

  2. i LOVE that sweater. Oh my word. You are too cute.