March 7, 2010

family outing

This weekend brought our first taste of spring for the season, which meant lots and lots of walks- two yesterday, and two today. Hamilton is spread over and along the Niagara Escarpment, and although none of them rival the big one, the escarpment is littered with waterfalls.

This one is Tiffany Falls, one of 125 waterfalls in Hamilton. Hopefully those wee people can give you some scale. It was a beautiful walk, and I do mean walk, because the car ride to get there took longer than the walk itself. Which is what sold Bryan on the whole deal.

The water was cold but the air was mild and the paths disastrously sloppy. Toby did his darndest to take us out, towing us down slushy stretches with determination, but we didn't have any wipeouts. I think he was mad we wouldn't let him go for a romp in the just-thawed water.

Yeah, he's prettier than me.

If all the waterfalls are as accessible as this one, we'll knock off the remaining 124, no problem.


  1. Webster's Falls is my favourite! In the summer you can walk up close to it and stand or sit under the falls. Best back massage EVER. Also, a great place for making out if there's no one else around (or if there are people around and you're into that. Whatever).

  2. Well, he is very cute. But you are cuter. And your pictures make me want to take a trip north.

  3. Yay! Happy! I really want to go on a walk with you guys there. And no, Bryan is not prettier than you. For reals. The sweater boots look awesome on you!! I saw those and thought, these sweater boots + Anna = perfect! Are they comfy?