March 22, 2010

victories great and small

Victory cake!

To be clear: the cake itself was not a victory. It was the first of its kind I have made from scratch, and the icing was good, but the cake came out tough. Not dry, but pseudo-brownie texture with crusty edges. Not great. And not sure where I went wrong.

Yeah, that chocolate pie was better. BUT, the Victory Cake was in celebration of Bryan's victory, in particular: the paper he submitted at the previously mentioned conference won! They sent him home with a stack of books and a check, which was very nice of them. Maybe he will SHARE THAT CHECK WITH HIS SUPPORTIVE WIFE. But, you know, he won it so... whatever. Toby and I are proud of him, regardless.

In the realm of minor victories, here are some knitting updates for you. This t-shirt turned out well, but not as nice as I was expecting, I'll admit it.

I do like that leafy pattern in the middle, though. Here's a picture of the sleeves. Ack, that bumpy neckline!
I love this soft baby alpaca wool that turned into this hat. If it were made from something lighter, it probably would be more slouchy and I could wear it farther into springtime, but I'm okay with the bulk.

SO SOFT. I have been wearing this one a lot, often because I hate the length/cut of my hair is at these days and it makes it easy to hide it/distract from it.

We had a tease of a warm week last week, but now we're back to chilly rain. THIS is the March weather I remember. Spring is moody, but I don't mind it most of the time. It seems in this part of the country (and where I grew up as well) this is one of the first bright signs that spring is coming.Mmmm, forsythia. One day when we have a house of our own I would love to plant this stuff in an unexpected corner and watch it liven the place up every spring.


  1. You got lots of talents Anna Bananaaaaaa,,,cake looks yummy and great yarn work...:)

  2. I love the shirt, I think it looks perfect. I think that style of knitted clothing looks so much better and real than something that turns out "perfect."

  3. Three things:

    1. You have a great eye with the camera. Nice shots.

    2. I LOVE forsythia too!

    3. The t-shirt, the hat and the cake--all astonishing examples of your many and varied skills. You seem to be selfishly hogging all the talents. No fair.