March 10, 2010

oh, the warmth in your eyes swept me into your arms

In the last week, literally four unrelated individuals have recommended the band Mumford and Sons to me. And after watching video after video on youtube, I have wholeheartedly jumped on the bandwagon, and this blog post is the proof.

Why I like them: 1) British. 2) Banjo. 3) Beautiful, rich, juicy lyrics- sometimes interesting references to faith. 4) Every melancholy, brokenhearted band has a place in my life in my dreariest of days, but these guys are relentlessly hopeful and fun. The energy in their videos is palpable, which makes me want to see/hear them live. Here. Look.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks anna, i never would have heard of them if it werent for your recommendation. They are like a way better version of death cab for cutie, deep but not depressing. yeah!