January 1, 2010

Am I glad to see YOU, 2010.

This particular New Years' is all kinds of symbolic. Never has the start of a new year meant so much change for me, right down to the first week. 2009 was a long, uncertain, draining time, and a total jerkface. But, 2010 involves a new haircut, a new program of study for Bryan (although this started last semester, technically), a new home, a new job (please, God, please!), and a new country, for crying out loud. Can't get much more fresh than that.

Not to say that this year doesn't already hold plenty of uncertainties, because it does. But even those are getting changed out for different and unexpected ones, so I'm not going to get picky now. Beggars can't be choosers, as they say. Things will be a little dicey until we have some actual income flowing that isn't borrowed from various institutions. And although we've only been here two nights, I have a feeling that steeper grocery prices is only the beginning of a whole new version of cutting back- something tricky for people who are already as frugal as we are. Let's hope Canadians do coupons!

We have to do our moving in rounds and shifts, so I won't truly feel settled until clothes are hung and books are on shelves and my dog is sniffing the whole place down. But moving on, we are. And it's a very good thing.

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