January 9, 2010

call me convicted

My sweetheart of a mother-in-law just ordered this book, A Million Miles In A Thousand Years by Don Miller, but once it arrived she decided she wouldn't have time to read it anytime soon and offered the first go-round to me. Which I accepted, because I a) am poor, b) am a fan of Don Miller and c) found myself in need of something decent but not too dense of a read, if you know what I'm saying. But not quite so light as one of my many "Trashy Romance Novellas" as my brother-in-law labeled every. one. of my nine boxes of books.

This was great. You should all go read it right now. The idea of our lives as stories with plots, driven characters, goals, and memorable moments totally appealed to the book nerd in me (i.e. pretty much 87% of me), but it's not just for the book nerds in the room.

There's a lot of talk of movies, and love and family and purpose and adventure, plus whoa is it convicting. In a way, everything he points out is so apparent and so new at the same time. It's a beautiful, epic way to look at life, in my humble opinion.

In other news, this is our last night in Michigan. Tomorrow the three of us transition to our lives as Temporary Residents of the Grand Nation of Canada. Here we gooooooo....

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  1. Anna is my liddle hunnie, liddle hunnie, woo woo woo.
    She's a brown eye'd cutie from Chicago town.
    She likes to play on the merry go'round.
    Anna is my liddle hunnie... do you know how that goes. lolol.. Whit sent me copy of your email. I just HAD to check you blogsite.
    I like..May I visit again. Are you doing ok? Texas needs you BAAACCCCCCKKKK.. lol Opps, I thought I put this on your last post.. lol oh well ...let us hear from you..uncle Glenn