January 20, 2010

minor setback

Well, good morning.

What's odd is that nothing important was missing. Maybe some change. Which, in a way, is more frustrating because, COME ON PUNKS, did you really need to smash a whole window for $2.73 in coins? REALLY??!!?? say Seth and Amy! Get a flashlight and do a sweep before breaking glass all willy nilly. That's what that one dude did a few years ago, while I was sitting in my Jeep, in the driveway, at 11pm. And he ran away, with no confrontations, so no hard feelings here.

Seriously though, this doesn't make me want to throw all my stuff in the trunk of our (now well-ventilated) car and bolt in the night. These things happen in poorly-lit alleys of urban neighborhoods. The last time this happened to a vehicle of mine, the hoodlum at least had some class- he or she broke the smallest window. (Although, he/she also stole my stereo so the whole deal was on a much more professional level.) But it happened in Grand Rapids, and I still have much love for Grand Rapids. It didn't ruin the neighborhood or the city for me. And Hamilton's not ruined for me now. I may clench my teeth a little harder now when I'm laying in bed panicking about money (or, more accurately, the speedy disappearing act it's performing on our wallets), but it's going to take more than that to get rid of me.


  1. I'm so sorry that happened to you! But you could do like my sister did: duct tape pink saran rap to the window. (Problem with this solution: has a tendency to blow off onto someone's windshield while driving on the highway.) Just a thought...:)

  2. Jamie Passantino1/21/2010 11:24 AM

    Ugh, that is SO frustrating! Same thing happened to Mike's Mustang just a few days before we moved from California. They did try to steal his stereo but instead just broke it and ended up with nothing. Actually, they left the hammer they used to break the window behind so they came out with less than they started with. I feel for you! P.S. One of my co-workers lives in Hamilton. Small world!

  3. "Well something HAD to break the window, TODD." Sorry, girl. This stinks!

  4. How rude. That totally sucks. But I'm glad that you, like Conan, have chosen NOT to become cynical.

  5. Oh dear. You'd think once was enough...

    I wish I was there to call the cops with you..again. Love you, friend!