January 13, 2010


lunch: curry fried rice with pineapple and red bell pepper. Not quite the same as takeout from Moon Thai Express, but good nevertheless. I'd make it again. Also, I've determined that my life would just be empty without garlic and curry in it.first project: finishing up the curtains for all our well windows.

midafternoon cuppa: Raspberry chai from Kataluma Chai Co., a gift from Bryan's lovely aunt in Denver. Yuuummmmmmm.

second project: hanging a heavy mirror on the kitchen/dining wall. Pictured: a stud finding studs without a stud finder... ha.

We are not much help.


  1. Mmmmm, fried rice. I just recently tried making it myself...it went pretty well. What recipe do you use? It looks way more exciting than my version. BTW, cute SHORT hair! Your new place is nice and bright. I like what I see :)

    P.S. I finished the 1st disc of 30 Rock in two days and now I have the second disc of season one. Can't wait to dive in! Oh, I love it.

    Miss you.

  2. oh I have that mug. (seeing as I Am a CO native)

  3. Glad the family's back together!! Food and tea looks good. Hope Canada is treating team Dyer well!

  4. the rice looks so good! are you a recipe sharer? because if you are, i'd love the recipe. :)

  5. i want to rub that rice all over my face.
    (read: send me the recipe)

  6. Jamie Passantino1/21/2010 11:16 AM

    I'm jumping on the bandwagon for wanting the recipe for that fried rice! It looks delicious! Way better than mine ever turns out.